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As we all know so well, I'm not a morning person. However, I woke up at 7:14 this morning after a fitful night of sleep that involved attempts to count sheep and the fire alarm going off at 4am. [It went off last night, too. We didn't have to leave the building either time, but they were lucky I was just about to step out of the shower.]

Since I woke up so early, I went to breakfast in Evans, something I haven't done in quite some time because I usually oversleep and miss it. This morning, though, I ate a big breakfast, including those mandarin oranges that I love and that they never have at the other meals. That makes me sad. Anyway, I ate breakfast with Catherine [a senior math major]; later Julie and someone whose name I can't remember at the moment joined us.

I worked all morning on the FYS paper after returning from breakfast. After finishing the other big weakness in my paper, I got to cut and paste the rest of my first draft into my final draft and make minor changes, which is exactly why I use two different documents for the two drafts. I like to compare the two. Then I printed out a copy just in case the alephs didn't show up on my electronically submitted copy [they didn't on the first draft for some reason] and ran to Dr. Lewin's office to turn everything in--final draft, first draft, outline, and the two books I had borrowed from her for my paper, which I nearly forgot when I left my room.

Then she told me what I already knew: someone else in the seminar had bought her a copy of one of the books I had borrowed from her [but it was listed in the course syllabus as part of her personal library!]. I knew this; Dr. Lewin had e-mailed me awhile back, enlisting my help in keeping this secret, and I did help keep it. [For the curious, this isn't the secret I mentioned awhile back. The time finally came to reveal it, and I did reveal it to those it concerned.]

She asked me if she could transfer her notes from the original copy to the new copy, and then would I like the original copy?

Would I? Would I? I never got a chance to read the entire book; I had time only to read the parts that were relevant to my paper, which clearly wasn't the entire book. I said the only thing a math nerd would say: Of course!

After that and asking what I was going to do to keep myself mathematically occupied, she dug around, trying to find mathematical material for me to read this summer. She finally found one of the books in the recommended reading list for FYS for me to read. "The author really isn't my generation," she said. "Of course, you're so in on this stuff that you'll pick right up on the popular culture references." I tried to stifle a laugh. It didn't work.

Because really, we all know how much I know about popular culture.

With that, I have just one more multivariable problem to do, one problem to check, a lot of packing, and I am finished! Oh, and I might want to do some laundry tonight, too.
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