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Yeah, I haven't been around for awhile.

Word Count: 18012 words

Oh, real life, you slay me. I still have a geometry assignment due tomorrow that--guess what?--I've barely started. I did finish the GSP construction, though. It was an extra credit problem on the midterm that nobody got right, so why not give it as a homework problem? You try constructing 3^(1/4) sometime. :P The good news is that I think I did get it this time.

I still have no idea what my French paper topic is going to be. This is bad since it's due at the end of the semester. However, I did finally choose my topic and presentation date for my geometry project (a week after we get back from Thanksgiving on spherical geometry).

NaNo is going really well, though. Luckily I have enough of a head start to slow down in Week Two, but I don't want to. Right now the novel is writing itself, even though soon I'm going to have to figure out a few things, like how Cara avenges Randal and Company, and how this artist database code plays a part in the plot. I'm sure it'll work its way in somehow, even if I did pull that out of nowhere during the write-in on Saturday.

You'll get at least one real entry from me this week, though, as the first therealljidol entry will be up by Friday, after which time I'll get to start bugging you to vote! Whoohoo! The topic is "Favorite (Childhood) Memory", so it's time to start thinking about that. What made me enjoy being a kid more than anything? There's something for me to think about.

Also, today (well, yesterday now) was Melody's birthday, so she, Stephanie, Minda, Sandra, Renu, and I went to Java Monkey to celebrate. I think the Java Monkey staff is going to get to know me really well this month.

Okay, fine, off to bed so I can appear semialert for the tour that won't happen tomorrow. (Although, you know, when our TC intern tells us there is a tour, there usually isn't. Today she told us there isn't one. So the question remains: is the converse true?)
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