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I've believed some silly things, but none quite as silly as this.

Zeroth, I'm at 53791 words on my NaNo novel. It's finally going somewhere, and I think it'll end soon. Go me.

First, therealljidol voting has begun and will end Monday at 1pm EST. So if you liked this entry on what terrifies me, you can vote for it here. Assuming I survive this week's elimination, perhaps I won't begin to write next week's entry an hour before the deadline. Honestly, I can do better than what I've been doing, and being in Tribe Three with a username in the last half of the alphabet doesn't help matters much, especially when some of the best writers are there. It's making me think that my topic for "What Terrifies Me" should have been "Being in Tribe Three".

Last night Stephanie, Renu, Melody, and I went to Fernbank so they could do their extra credit for astronomy, and I went with the band them. Upon returning to campus and heading to Mollie's for ice cream and hot chocolate/coffee (yes, I know), we were discussing the things we believed when we were little kids, and then I had an idea.

What would the world be like if all those things were true?

No, seriously, imagine it. When I was about six, I believed that traffic lights were operated by actual people. These people lived in little houses on top of telephone poles, and they'd hit little green buttons to make a traffic light go, yellow buttons to make the light go yellow, and red lights to make the light turn red. I never bothered to think of what a dull job that would be, or that they clearly must be slacking when my parents complained about a slow traffic light.

What kind of world would we live in?

More importantly, what kind of craziness would ensue?

I want to find out. Somehow, I think finally watching all of Pleasantville just sparked the idea even more. So tell me, my dear friends list, what kinds of silly things did you believe when you were a kid?
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