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Warning: whiny parent post ahead

Okay, time for a proper update.

First, I haven't started reorganising my room yet. I did get a lot of clothes out of my closet that I don't wear anymore, but for some reason my closet is still packed. If someone could remind me why I own three winter jackets, it would be really nice.

Also, remember the honey I mentioned earlier? I remembered what had happened to it then and wrapped it in a plastic bag before packing it with my toiletries. It was a good thing I did. Last night when I was unpacking it, I removed the honey from its bag.

But I couldn't. The honey had leaked all over the inside of the bag. It's a good thing I (usually) think before I act, or I would have had honey all over the trash bin last night. (We had to turn the bin on its side so it would fit in the car.)

Okay, time for the whiny part.

J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and John Irving are giving a reading in New York in August, and I really (times 23423) want to go. On the way home, I mentioned it casually to Mum and Dad, and they mentioned that the high school band (which Jeffrey's in; next year will be his last year) is also going to New York to march in a parade (not the Thanksgiving parade; I asked), and it's going to cost some huge amount of money for him to go, plus food and such. I pointed out to them that I wasn't asking for funding from them to go; I was really just asking for a ride to and from the airport since, well, I don't drive. They insisted that 1) There would always be another chance to go (Dad even suggested writing to her and asking for her to come to Ringgold, to which I said no because, well, he's Dad), and 2) I could spend my money on "more practical" things, although they know that I'm probably one of the most frugal people ever. Seriously, they give me money every break when I'm home, and I hardly ever spend it. I hardly spent any money this semester. I'm proud of myself. Anyway, Mum pointed out that I would need the plane ticket, the ticket for the event, the hotel, food... all of which I knew and had already planned out, even though I found out about this as soon as TLC posted it.

But the point is that they won't let me go, and part of me says that the only reason they won't let me go is because they don't want to admit that I'm an adult now. An adult, for crying out loud. Just because I don't drive and just because I feel like I'm under house arrest most of the time whenever I am here and just because I don't tell you every single detail of my life (to be honest, they wouldn't want to know some of them, and besides, I tell them the important parts, like the math, but all they care about is what grades I'm getting in said math classes), yet they're probably letting Jeffrey go on his band thing. I'm perfectly fine with that; after all, Jeffrey's the musician in the family, and he should be able to do something that adds to his musical résumé. It's just that they would probably say yes to Jeffrey if he posed a similar situation to mine, although he's younger, able to drive, and much less frugal with his money. And he thinks I'm the favourite in the family!

And this probably isn't a chance to be repeated. JKR and Stephen King in one reading? When is this going to happen again?! JKR hasn't been to the States for a reading since before I got into Harry Potter (in...2001, I think), and Stephen King ... well, that should explain itself. Seeing both of them in one reading will happen probably just this once.

Which is why I really want to go, and it probably won't happen unless I do something really devious, preferably before Friday morning when tickets go on sale.

Wow. I've been here for less than 24 hours, and I'm already complaining about my parents. This is going to be a long summer.

On a positive parent note, Mum and Dad were talking about getting a wireless adapter for Compy so it can feed off the main router, meaning I'll have Internet access from my room. This rocks like everything. Of course, I need to clean my desk before the old computer gets unhooked and before Compy gets rehooked, so that'll be another project for the rest of the week.
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