Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Vote for LJ Idol now!

Apparently clauderainsrm loves torturing us at therealljidol. We have 24 hours to vote for Week Three. That's right. Twenty-four hours.

You know what this means.

This is the entry I wrote for Week Three: "The Giving of Thanks". If you enjoyed it, you can vote for it here. If you're looking for me, I'm toward the bottom of Tribe Three (and toward the bottom overall). Yes, I am alphabetically disadvantaged. There are a ton of fantastic entries, though, so don't limit yourself!

Also, I just earned a Gold Star over at therealljidol. :D GO ME.

Also2, that French paper? Is due Thursday. Thanks for the stress relief, poisonedwriter!

Now to finish reading LJIdol entries before placing my vote.
Tags: agnesfall2007, ljidol
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