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Shirt, socks, underwear, update!

I told myself I'd go to bed early tonight thanks to staying up so late last night. Ah well.

First, Re: Your Brains in French, now with lyrics! As if I needed another reason to love JoCo. I love his French accent. I know what I'll be listening to while writing that final French paper, for it will eat my brains. Actually, that'll be geometry. Still.

Second, zorklyrics is my new favorite comm. Even better? Someone Zorkified Code Monkey! Come to think of it, "I Feel Fantastic" would be a great song to Zork up. Zork zork zork. You know, Zork outside the game context sounds like a 60s-era slang term. Zorktastic, isn't it?

Rowling gives OK for online Potter sequels. Oh, but please, no porn. Good luck with that one, fandom.

Speaking of porn, now we can flag stuff as adult on our journals. How about no. I'll label my content with warnings that will actually preserve lj-cuts and such myself, thanks.

I really should put something akin to the xkcd disclaimer on my profile, if only for my own amusement.
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