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Just so you know, your search settings have been changed. Change them if you want.

As a comment in otf_wank:

The adult content settings are at the very bottom. The text cracks me up:

Not all content on LiveJournal is appropriate for everyone. These settings let you rate your journal as well as determine the level of content you are comfortable with viewing.

The defaults? This journal contains no adult content, collapse explicit adult content only when viewing a journal, and moderate filtering when viewing search results (filter explicit adult and offensive content). Despite my full DOB being publicly viewable in my profile.

Just saying.


So go change them if you so desire.

I took a bye week this week in LJ Idol, which is why you didn't see an entry from me about some current event. This week was madness. Voting's up, though, so go read and vote for other entries. Wow, the race is getting intense in the first tribe. Granted, I'm up with all the big hitters in Tribe Three, even though I'm not a big hitter myself. I just have a 'big' friends list, a significant chunk of whom are multiple accounts, people who aren't around outside of November, or just not real people. I foresee a merge in the near future.
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