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My Internet is crapping out like whoa, or a real life update.

I guess it's time for that life update.

First, therealljidol voting is up! Remember that entry I wrote about sexual ethics? If you liked it, you can vote for it here. Voting ends Monday at 1pm EST. Per usual, you don't have to be a member of the community to vote, and you can vote for as many people as you want. There was a rearrangement of the tribes last week which was purely mathematical, and I'm now in Tribe One. Now to figure out the math behind it.

So go. Vote. Let me continue to entertain you. I have cookies.

On another note, I got a 91 on the geometry presentation, as I found out in class on Wednesday. Dr. Lewin's main complaints were that I went over and that I fail at using the board. Okay, so she didn't use that oh-so-technical terminology.

My algebra presentation, on the other hand, is another story. (It also has different fingers and structures.) I worked on it until about 12:30 Friday morning and even gave the presentation to Stephanie toward the end of my tweaking it. It sounded fine, I decided. So I went to class Friday morning confident that I'd do well. Sure enough, I gave the talk, and I thought I did quite well. I even walked in on Mira, Sam, and Sarah after ridding my hands of the chalk saying how well my talk went.

And then I got the email from Dr. Koch. It was exactly how he had warned us it would be. The good part would be really short because, really, did he really need to rave about it? And, of course, the bad stuff would be really long because he wanted to emphasize that. The Agnes email is dead, so I can't access the actual email now. The gist of the email, though, is that I knew my stuff, but there were a couple of small mathematical complaints. The rest of the email was about said mathematical complaints. *facepalm*

Oh, and the presentation? I got an 83 overall. OUCH. So now I'm whacking away at the calculations to figure out what I need on the final to get an A. I'm not normally this obsessive, but I know I can get an A in the class. I was just counting on not bombing the presentation to make my life a little easier. Note to self: read that section I missed in class. Oh well. Monday's Q and A day, so I should definitely come with questions, especially from the missing section.

There. Enough of that. Let's move on to something completely different, shall we?

Math After The Hours is Monday night from eight to eleven. So if you can never make it to the math center during regular hours, you can come Monday night for regular help. We'll even have cookies and prizes, including a prize provided by Yours Truly! So come by. It'll be awesome.

I slept through the end-of-semester lunch that all of us were going to this afternoon, thanks to staying up so late last night. Granted, I can't say much now, as I'm up now. However, I did make it to Bria's 21st birthday party at the Cheesecake Factory. Now that was an adventure. The directions Anna had found on Mapquest were crappy, as most Mapquest directions are. We finally got there following the crappy directions and discovered that this Cheesecake Factory had valet parking. Yeah, wow.

Their guacamole is love, just to let you know. I wound up bringing a ton of it back with me, even though we ate through half of my guacamole appetizer.

And then there's now. Here's the rest of my semester.

* One physics quiz (Monday)
* One geometry assignment (Tuesday)
* One physics exam of the self-scheduled variety
* One algebra exam, also of the self-scheduled variety
* One geometry exam, of the take-home variety (due at end of exam period)
* One French paper, due at end of exam period

And... that's it. Wow, that's it. All this in just over a week. I should probably start that French paper.

Let the madness begin.
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