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Wow. Ignorance right from my living room.

I don't enjoy watching television. In fact, the blaring noises of the television have led me to despise it, especially when I'm with other people and we can be having a good conversation instead of letting our eyes get glazed over by a box. The rest of my family, however, disagrees, and they blare the television every night at dinner, which is thing n+1 I miss about Agnes: the lack of television in Evans. I'm serious; when my Dad is around, the television is so loud I can hear in my room and that's saying something. I think he has a hearing problem but doesn't want to admit it.

Anyway, tonight the television was playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire, or whatever it's called now with that Meredith woman and the dumbed-down questions (or the pop culture questions that I can never get). There was a question tonight about the age one had to be in order to be in the US House of Representatives.

And the guy didn't know.

I was eating my chicken and screaming to myself, "It's C! One has to be 25 years old! Why on earth don't you know this?" [Unless he wasn't from the US, in which case I would have excused him, but I think they're typically US citizens, or at least from the US.]

It gets worse, though. He decided to use a lifeline, and he chose to poll the audience.

And the majority of the audience chose the wrong answer.

I'm serious! Not only did the majority vote for the wrong answer, but the highest percentage didn't even go to the right answer. I fear for the future of this country, and not just in the obvious ways. In all honesty, though, I think many non-Americans know more about this country than Americans do. I've seen the stuff that people have to study to become US citizens; Mum had to study it for her citizenship test years back, and of course, they didn't ask her most of the stuff anyway. Many Americans suffer from apathy, and I'm no exception. We don't educate ourselves on what's going on because, after all, when is it going to affect us, and do we really care? Well, it is going to affect us, and sooner than we think. Therefore, we should care.
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