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I did it. I finished everything. Okay, so not everything. I didn't finish a geometry problem, but I knew I wouldn't finish it anyway, so I went ahead and turned everything in anyway.

I haven't read the friends list since Sunday-ish, I think. So if there's anything superawesome/superimportant I missed, link me. Even if it's only mildly interesting or I wouldn't care, link me. I don't discriminate against your choice of linkage.

I'll be home by tonight. The LJ Idol entry will be up tomorrow, assuming all goes well and I don't sleep all day. Yes, I really did stay up all night, but considering I finished everything at 4:50 (okay, so I turned in the French paper around 2:30), it was really the only way to get everything done this time.

Next semester I won't procrastinate as much. I swear.
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