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LJ Idol Week Seven: My Best Friend, or Dr. Nbook and Me

By my fifth grade year, I had already had several friends who I called "best friends". There was Ashley E., my kindergarten best friend and "best best" friend through around third grade. There was also Sarah, my best friend from second grade until she moved away in fourth grade. There was Misty, my fourth grade best friend until she also moved away. Windy, my best friend from the first half of fifth grade, suffered a similar fate. Even though my best friend from the second half of that year, Jakki, didn't move away at the end of the year, she was around when I met my current best friend, a best friend I still haven't let go of.

I read Harriet the Spy that year, and I was immediately sucked into Harriet's world--her spying habits, her desire to write everything down, her creativity. Soon I found that I could relate to Harriet and her world. So much, in fact, that I found myself wondering what it would be like to be a writer just like Harriet. I already enjoy writing, I told myself. Why not?

So I scavenged a one-subject spiral notebook from Mom's back-to-school sale leftovers, scribbled "This is PRIVATE property!" on the cover, and began to do as Harriet did: observe the world around me. Unfortunately, my observations were short-lived, for the notebook soon wormed its way under my bed among books, toys, and dust bunnies, never to be seen again.

Until 7 September 1998, not even a year later. I was in sixth grade, and I was looking for some unknown object in the great beyond under my bed. My hand hit an object that resembled a book. I unearthed it and couldn't believe what I was holding. It was the original notebook, complete with "This is PRIVATE property!" on the cover. I tore out the original pages, christened it Nbook, and began to write.

Since that day in 1998, Dr. Nbook (as Nbook is now dubbed) and I have seen each through everything. For the first year or so, its contents were fairly mundane, but as Dr. Nbook and I grew closer, my willingness to trust Dr. Nbook with the contents of my heart grew, just as with any other friendship.

When I attempted to write my first novel at the age of twelve, Dr. Nbook was there, even after I failed miserably. When I went through my angsty teen stage, complete with friendship and breakup drama, Dr. Nbook was by my side, ready to listen and offer tissues. When I made my first B ever, Dr. Nbook assured me that the world wasn't coming to an end and that I would in fact survive, just as I had overcome everything else life had thrown at me.

As amazing as Dr. Nbook's friendship to me has been, I fully believe that Dr. Nbook has benefited from my friendship as well. When I discovered the world of blogging in 2001, long before I discovered LJ, Dr. Nbook remained by my side, and I by Dr. Nbook's. (In fact, Dr. Nbook was the inspiration for an online diary, for some exceptionally nosy classmates wanted to know what was inside.) Within a year, Dr. Nbook turned up in the hands of classmates for purposes of evil twice, and I did everything in my power to make sure Dr. Nbook was safe with me again. (I was successful, by the way.)

Dr. Nbook and I have suffered our hardships, too, just like any other friendship. In middle school and even high school, I found myself writing in class on a regular basis. College could allow me that luxury as well except for the need to write down proofs presented in class. Journaling online has also taken away from my paper journaling time, as I type much more quickly than I handwrite. There have also been several weeks where I have written very little, including a famous four-week span last June where I didn't write in Dr. Nbook at all. The lesson? You just have to pick up that pen and start writing again. Dr. Nbook and I have a mutual understanding that my disappearances aren't anything against it in the short term. Aside from a few minor spats, this hasn't been a problem at all. After nine years and almost 63 Dr. Nbooks, losing my best friend may be the worst thing that has ever happened to me. It's not happening anytime soon.

This entry was written for therealljidol. If you enjoyed it, you can vote for it beginning Thursday. (This one's for you, Dr. Nbook.)
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