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*wipes dust off LJ*

Wow, I haven't been here for awhile. And boy, do I have a lot of entries in my head to write.

First, the little things, like Christmas. Meet Abelia. She's my shiny new iPod. Yes, I too got an 80GB iPod for Christmas. Most of my music, by which I mean the vast majority, is down at Agnes, so Abelia will be able to use its full abilities when I get back, and then I can listen to music for the ninety-second walk to real analysis in the mornings. Music does wake me up in the morning, so it'll definitely help.

Second, I have two of my four grades for the semester. Remember how I needed a 108 on the final to make an A in abstract, not including my extra points earned through the Department of Corrections (i.e. finding typos and alerting Dr. Koch of them)? I got a 104 on the final. And got an A. OH YEAH.

Geometry, on the other hand, is another story, and thus deserves its own entry. The short version: I did awesomely on everything in the class except the midterm and the final. Okay, I really bombed the final. I made a B+ in the class.

That was the first shot. The other two shots will come when the grade elves sneak into AscAgnes and hang the grades from the chimney with care... no, wrong holiday. That'll be fairly soon, though, and I know I didn't turn in awesome French papers, nor did I own the physics final. The physics final was more like shaking hands and agreeing that neither of us was going to dominate the other.

This will not be one of my better semesters. At least I had abstract this semester. I must be a complete sicko for saying that, but whatever.

This, of course, leaves me with a lot to write about.

* Geometry musings
* Pre-finals frenzy (Would have written about this earlier, but it's quite draining)
* LJ Idol entry (What the new year will bring--I know what I'm going to write!)
* My 101 in 1001 list (beginning 7 January 2008 at a journal near you!)
* ???
* Profit!

That looks like everything. Now to work on that list.

Also, you get cookies if you can crack the reason for Abelia's name. I know at least one of you should be able to.
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