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LJ Idol Week Eight: What the New Year Will Bring, or the extra day

2008 is going to be a busy year. My List of Expected EventsTM, which I really should learn not to expect all that much from, looks a bit like this:

* complete and publish Aurora literary magazine (spring)
* vote for new U.S. president (November)
* participate in Script Frenzy and NaNoWriMo again (April and November, respectively)
* take GREs and begin applying to graduate schools (fall)

That's just the beginning. Thankfully 2008 is providing me with a secret weapon to aid me with some items on my list. This weapon comes in seven different varieties, each of which takes on a slightly different flavor. We like to call this weapon February 29th. This weapon is so powerful that it is unleashed only once every four years, giving people 86400 more seconds to sleep, eat, do laundry, follow the butterflies, take over the world, and anything else that one spends an average day doing.

This February 29th will be relatively special for me, though. It is the coveted Friday edition, which is reason enough to celebrate. This particular Friday is also the day before my spring break begins. With my powers of speculation and my knowledge of the coming months, let's plan the extra day.

The Extra Day: Sushi's Schedule

Any resemblance to actual events is entirely coincidental. Should they actually happen, feel free to call me a psychic. However, do not rely on me to give you winning lottery numbers. My dad has tried for years with no luck.

8:00am - Wake up.
I am being quite facetious here at the time, for I will probably do as I did for the past few semesters: wake up at 8:35 for an 8:45 class. Remember that while today is an extremely busy day, at least it will end in sweet freedom.

8:45-9:50am - Real Analysis
My brain is jolted awake with a heavy dose of Real Analysis, Rigorous Myrtle-Style. Expect many questions to be thrown out into the audience and a long digestive period between question and answer. Additionally, expect several students to understand the questions instantly while many others are completely clueless.

9:50-10:30am (approximate) - Breakfast
The next half-hour or so is spent in Mollie's , talking to people and studying for a physics midterm at noon, all while eating a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit and downing a chocolate milk. Hmm, some yogurt with that sounds good. I finish my chocolate milk while checking mail and act disappointed at lack of mail. I see someone behind my mailbox and I consider throwing a fit so someone sees my plight at lack of mail. I resist, thankfully. There are more important things to do.

10:30am-12:00pm - Study
I seclude myself from all distractions, perhaps by going to the math learning center or to the library, and cram to my heart's content for my upcoming physics exam. I read my notes; I work problems; I occasionally curse myself for wanting to take a physics class for fun to start with. I remind myself that I can still elect to take this class pass/fail. I furthermore remind myself that I would never stoop to that level. I continue to study.

12:00-12:50pm - Physics Midterm (of Doom)
The physics midterm is sitting in front of me. I stare at the problems, looking for one I can do. I scribble away at the problems, making progress, getting stuck, getting unstuck. I finish. I turn it in.

1:00-1:50pm - Math Modeling
At some point my stomach will begin to growl during this class, considering I've eaten just a biscuit and possibly some yogurt since last night. However, modeling is a math class and therefore keeps my attention. It doesn't hurt that the professor is hilarious.

2:00-2:45pm - Lunch
The dining hall is closed by the time modeling is finished. Therefore I return to Mollie's for lunch. I return to my room, where I eat lunch and check my email. Last-minute submissions to the literary magazine are trickling in. I organize them while eating lunch, making sure to take names off the second copy.

3:00pm-12:00am - Leave for spring break
Now I've finished lunch, and thanks to my excitement over this adventure, I've even packed early as well. Now it's time to leave for spring break and do something I've wanted to do for years... Take over the world!

Maybe I won't take over the world this year. Even if I don't, I'll still take this extra day by the horns and shake the best out of it. If I can do that every day, then this year will be something special. So join me in that, won't you?
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