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101 Things. 1001 Days. One Sushi.

So I, along with what seems like the rest of the Internet, am doing 101 Things in 1001 Days. I probably won't maintain this post devoutly like some do, but I'll definitely update it once a week or so. And, of course, I'll link to entries detailing what I've done. With that, the list.

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Note to self: Although there are actually 34 months in this period, one of those months has only four days, so I've left that out of the monthly things on this list.

Sushi's 101 Things in 1001 Days: Round The First

Start Date: Monday, 7 January 2008
End Date: Monday, 4 October 2010

Completed: 32/101
Last Updated 22 June 2010

Writing, in which Sushi lives up to her name
001. Complete at least thirteen Dr. Nbooks (13/13). The Dr. Nbook List is here, and I'm including all the ones completed on or after the start date. FINISHED with Social Puberty on 19 October 2009!
002. Write in Dr. Nbook for at least thirty consecutive days three times (1/3)
003. Participate in and win NaNoWriMo 2008 and 2009 (2/2). IN PROGRESS. NaNoWriMo 2008 completed 14 November 2008. COMPLETED 8 November 2009 and then went on to write two novels for a 131k month.
004. Participate in and win Script Frenzy 2008, 2009, and 2010. (3/3) IN PROGRESS. Script Frenzy 2008 Completed 30 April 2008. Script Frenzy 2009 completed 30 April 2009. Script Frenzy 2010 completed 30 April 2010. COMPLETED!
005. Complete Blogathon at least once.
006. Participate in and win NaBloPoMo at least once.
007. Make at least 1001 new LJ posts. The rare private post (usually notes to self; don't get too excited) doesn't count here. However, if I filter a post, that post will count. (377/1001) Update 31 December 2009: Yeah, I give up on this one happening unless I treat LJ like some people do Tumblr.
008. Write a first draft of my mathverse.
009. Complete an additional first draft (novel, script, short story) outside of NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy.
010. Get at least one work edited and submitted for publication.
011. Write at least one thought-provoking LJ entry a week, where 'thought-provoking' is anything beyond the day-to-day, memesheep, or linkspam banter. For my stay(s?) in therealljidol, those entries don't count. (8/143) (18 January 2008: Okay, so I forgot about this one the very first week. Hey, I can keep going, right?)
012. Write five poems. Seriously, a poem comes out once a year if I'm lucky. (1/5)

Decluttering and Getting Organized, in which Sushi straightens out her life
013. Donate or give away my old children's books. COMPLETED 8 May 2008. Exchanged the vast majority to McKay's for store credit.
014. Donate or give away clothes I no longer wear once a year (2/3). 2008 and 2009 are completed.
015. Keep purse clean for six months (6/6) COMPLETED December 2008
016. Sell or give away old Barbie dolls.
017. Recycle notes from high school classes. COMPLETED March 2009.
018. Buy a planner and use it! Write appointments, classes, work schedule, and other commitments in there so I can tell spare time at a glance for at least six months (6/6) IN PROGRESS: Planner bought mid-August 2008. COMPLETED March 2009. I'm still keeping the planner too.
019. Clear desk and dresser once a week (5/143) 18 January 2008: Okay, so I forgot about this one the very first week. Hey, I can keep going, right?
020. Clean room every two weeks (7/71). When I have my own place, create a cleaning schedule and stick to it for at least six months (0/6). Oops. Failed this one.
021. Keep class notes organized in their respective folders instead of just in any folder I can find. Do this each semester at ASC (3/3). If I go to grad school, continue and measure per semester (0/3). I'm not going to grad school right away, so for all intents and purposes, this one's getting crossed off.

Becoming an Adult, in which Sushi bursts her own bubble
022. Figure out what I want with my future and pursue it. IN PROGRESS
023. Graduate from college with at least a 3.6 GPA. I graduated in May 2009 with a 3.573. I say close enough, especially since that's not something I can fix.
024. Move out of my parents' house. DONE 12 September 2009.
025. Make a budget and stick to it for at least six months (0/6).
026. Set a certain amount of money to save, and do not touch it except in emergencies. Do this every month for at least six months (0/6)
027. Invest in dressier outfits than jeans and casual geeky tops (1/5)
028. Save my spare change. Deposit the change in my bank account yearly. (1/3) Take One:30 July 2009.
029. Find a full-time job after graduating from ASC. If I go to grad school on some sort of fellowship, that will also count for this goal. Job-hunting IN PROGRESS. Any leads are welcome.

Things That Will Likely Involve Travel, in which Sushi decides to go exploring
030. Visit France and two new countries (2/3) PROGRESS: France (12-26 May 2008), Germany (18 May 2008)
031. Visit ten new states (6/10). PROGRESS: Virginia (1 March 2008), New York (1-9 March 2008), Illinois (9 March 2008), Maryland (10 August 2008), Pennsylvania (19 October 2008), New Jersey (4 July 2009). Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania were through airports.
032. Swim in the Pacific Ocean.
033. Go camping.
034. Spend an entire day wandering around the city with no destination. COMPLETED 25 May 2008.
035. Meet five online friends in person, plus Andrew (4/6). PROGRESS: Met Andrew 1 March 2008, spydielives 20 April 2008, banyangirl1832 2 July 2009, thisisthesmile 4 July 2009
036. Present math research at a conference. COMPLETED 22 April 2009. I presented my independent study at SpARC.
037. Visit the Office of Letters and Light.
038. See an aurora.
039. Attend a wedding. That's right, I've never been to one. And now I have. Completed 1 August 2009.

Overcoming Fear, in which Sushi puts on her big girl pants
040. Donate blood. Donate thrice more if I'm not permanently scarred from the first experience. (1/1), (1/3) IN PROGRESS: I gave 10 September 2008 and wasn't scarred for life. I gave again on 1 April 2009 and still am not scarred.
041. Sing solo karaoke.
042. Go on a blind date. COMPLETED 1 March 2008. I figure meeting your Internet lover counts.
043. Keep a fear journal for seven consecutive days on three different occasions (0/3)
044. Go skydiving.
045. Ride a roller coaster. (I know this sounds small, but I can't stand them!)
046. Call three different friends just to talk on three different occasions. Being prompted to five minutes before doesn't count. (3/3) COMPLETED 9 August 2009

Technology, in which Sushi weans herself and makes herself more dependent at once
047. Go one day without using the Internet on three different occasions (3/3) COMPLETED 12-14 May 2008
048. Back up my LJ at least thrice during the 1001 days (3/3). COMPLETED January 2009. Go LJArchive.
049. Purchase an external hard drive and back up everything on my computers (1/2). PROGRESS: Received an external hard drive for Christmas 2008.
050. Learn how to use a graphics program and complete a 100 icon challenge.
051. Start and maintain a website outside of LJ. Started, but not exactly maintained yet. Update 31 December 2009: I'd say I'm maintaining it much more than LJ now. Done.
052. Retag my LJ from start to finish, including the old Diaryland and Xanga entries I've archived in. IN PROGRESS.
053. Reorganize my tags. IN PROGRESS
054. Create a Wikipedia article that doesn't get deleted.
055. Give Linux a solid try. IN PROGRESS: Learning Linux. December 2009: Debian successfully installed with the help of magiuspendragon. I'm still using it weeks later.
056. Make a video and put it on Youtube. DONE 6 July 2009

Entertainment and Crafts, in which Sushi shows off her non-writerly creativity
057. Watch fifty movies I haven't seen before (19/50) The Movies List is here so I can keep track.
058. Read fifty new books not strictly for academic purposes (37/50). The Book List is here so I can keep track.
059. Go to five concerts of artists I haven't previously seen live (3/5). Progress: They Might Be Giants, 15 March 2008; Animagus, 30 August 2008; Jonathan Clay, 12 September 2008
060. See a musical. DONE 3 July 2009. I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway.
061. Learn to knit and have something usable to show for it. COMPLETED 18 June 2008. I made an iSock.
062. Learn three new dance styles to the point that repeating the beginner's lesson would be old hat. Believe me, this would be an accomplishment. (0/3)
063. Host a party. My birthday party doesn't count here.
064. Learn how to apply makeup without looking like a clown.
065. Decorate the covers of a Dr. Nbook.
066. Complete Project 365. Update 31 December 2009: Yeah, this one's not getting completed. Started, maybe.
067. Send a postcard to Postsecret.
068. Keep a journal of some of my secrets, and release it when it's finished. Tell at least one person each secret as I write them down. (Yes, an LJ entry would count here.) IN PROGRESS
069. Capture a day of my life in pictures and post the result to adayinmylife.
070. Handmake a Dr. Nbook, from the paper up.

The Great Outdoors, in which Sushi gets some fresh air
071. Try geocaching. COMPLETED 31 August 2008
072. Keep a garden growing for at least six months (0/6)
073. Watch a sunrise. DONE 2 July 2009.
074. Watch a meteor shower.
075. Climb a tree. COMPLETED 18 April 2008.
076. Go skiing.
077. Go hiking.
078. Explore a cave.
079. Go snorkeling or scuba diving.

Health, in which Sushi claims that stick is a shape
080. Learn yoga. COMPLETED! I took a yoga course Spring 2009!
081. Make at least thirty new meals. Recipe inspiration: stupid_free failposts and news spam comments that I can stomach. (Trust me, I'll get a lot of recipes from those.) (2/30)
082. Go vegetarian for seven consecutive days (7/7) COMPLETED 23-29 February 2008!
083. Try five new fruits or vegetables (1/5) IN PROGRESS: Butter peas (21 June 2008)
084. Go to bed when I'm tired instead of running on empty for at least ten nights (10/10) COMPLETED November 2008!
085. Get a massage regularly--at least twice a semester until I graduate, and three times a year after. Update May 2009: Wow, I failed at this one.
086. Go on a 20-minute walk once a week (75/143) (18 January 2008: Okay, so I forgot about this one the very first week. Hey, I can keep going, right?)
(23 June 2008: Going to France brings the long walk count up, doesn't it?)

Everything Else, in which Sushi decides to go for it
087. Go to Dragon*Con.
088. Learn how to count on my fingers in binary.
089. On five days, leave a comment on every journal I read that day. For LJ communities, this means at least one comment per community. (0/5)
090. Purchase a trunk or other storage unit for my Dr. Nbooks.
091. Dye my hair an unnatural color before I have to be an adult.
092. Play a real prank on someone. April Fools 2009, baby!
093. Hold a self-matrimony ceremony.
094. Complete a Sudoku puzzle every day for thirty days--not necessarily consecutive (10/30). (IN PROGRESS. Or just complete 30 Sudoku puzzles. Whichever.)
095. Surprise at least three someones with a 'just because' gift (0/3)
096. Get a new watch! (Or at least replace the wristband on the current one; it's beyond wearable.) COMPLETED 10 May 2008: I bought a new watch!
097. Make an informed decision and vote in the 2008 US presidential election. COMPLETED October 2008! I voted on an absentee ballot.
098. Learn basic Korean.
099. Find out where Robert is and contact him. DONE 3 February 2010!
100. Get a finite Erdos number.
101. Learn to drive.

I guess this counts as the first of the 1001 entries. Look at that, progress already.
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  • My writing progress or lack thereof

    Remember how I was supposed to finish my pumpkin novel and work on planning my alternate worlds novel this month? That hasn't happened. In fact, I'm…

  • (no subject)

    There was snow in Georgia this week, as I'm sure everyone heard. I made snow cream and lots of it. I can still see a good bit of it outside my…

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