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You know you're from the south when..., Reason #234234

First, because I fail at birthday wishing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELL!

And because I apparently fail at updating these days, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. To celebrate, I got quoted on ljdq (and a birthday wish!), which made my day. All of you should go play this week's quiz. Go. Play. Take quiz.

So how did my 21st birthday go? No, I didn't drink any Adult BeveragesTM. Might as well get that one out of the way now.

However, I did get bepackaged yesterday, for Andrew's birthday package came in. He expressly forbade me from opening it until we were on the phone that night, so the package stared at me. All. Day. Long. All day I kept looking at the box, wondering what was in it. I knew I wouldn't get to find out for a long time, so I distracted myself. I went online. I wrote. I went out to dinner.

Grandmother said she'd go with us if we went to Logan's. Unusual request, I thought, but I hadn't decided yet and to be honest, I wasn't overly picky. I did want her to go with us, though, so off we went. She needed to get out anyway. So did I, but that's another story. It turned out that she had a gift card for Logan's and probably wouldn't use it on her own. That'd explain a bit.

So off we went. The place was packed, apparently because of some special they have on Monday nights. How convenient. We reserved a table, and the hostess told us it'd be about twenty minutes. We can wait, we decided. While we were sitting around waiting, we saw some people from the church I grew up at, and we talked to them for a bit until we got a table. When did the oldest kid enter sixth grade, anyway? Or more importantly, when did so much time pass?

Mum let slip to the waiter (who was rather cute) that it was my birthday, and he said that he'd make it his business to let everyone know. When he found out it was my 21st birthday, he asked me why I was drinking the peach tea. Um, because I want to? Not everyone drinks alcohol because they can legally on their 21st, not to mention that I don't even like the taste of most alcoholic drinks. Ahem.

The meal went rather smoothly; Grandmother ordered chicken fingers as usual. (She always does. I asked her why once, and she said that it's really hard to screw them up. I have to agree with her on that one.) Then after we finished eating, our waiter and about half the staff there came back to our table. "Now there comes a time for everyone to be embarrassed," the waiter said. He stood up on a chair and asked if I'd stand up with him. Luckily I'm not that easily embarrassed (I sang "Drops of Jupiter" on the table at Hard Rock Cafe about five years ago--and I'm a TERRIBLE singer--but that's another story altogether), so I stood up with him.

He got everyone's attention, gave everyone the spiel about my birthday. A few people cheered. And then I realized that yes, I am from the south.

"Now, on the count of three, we're all going to say 'Yee-haw!'," he told the crowd. "One. Two. Three."

"Yee-haw!" everyone yelled.

Yes, I really am from the south.

We returned home, I passed the time a bit, and finally, the time came.


We were on the phone as I opened everything, and I seriously considered liveblogging the opening but decided not to at the last minute. It'd distract me from the shiny, which was numbered for my opening convenience. On each gift was a special note from him, and my reactions just got even more ooooooh and aaaaah and eeeeee-y as I kept digging through the box, especially when I opened the last two gifts.

So the goods? In the order that I opened them:

* a cute Christmas/birthday card with a note inside
* a funny book with Chinglish signs
* Infinity in Your Pocket, a book with math and science facts, theorems, figures, and lore
* A mug with Heisenberg's picture and the quote "No officer, I don't know how fast I was going. But I know exactly where I am."
* Another mug with "Without geometry, life would be pointless". (This one had a note saying, "I know how much you loved this class" on it.)
* The game The Longest Journey. This was the shared experience, he said, as he had played it before, and now we could play it together.
* This really hard to solve puzzle. It's hard to describe, and I don't feel like describing it, so I'll leave it at that.
* A journal of love, along with stuff for me to continue it. This one I had pinned as a 'scrapbook'. This one was at the top, and he had written a note to open this one second-to-last. Then within that package, the mini-packages were numbered.
* "We talked about this a long time ago." A fountain pen and Noodler's ink. And indeed we did--when we had known each other about a week, in fact.

*melt* That was, besides my audible awwing and shrieking, my basic reaction, especially as I sat down to read the journal. I'm still a bit in melty mode right now.

Now to work on mine.
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