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Question time!

So I'm going to do like twirlandswirl and do a Reader Participation Post!

Tell me, everyone...

What is the most disturbing/vile/disgusting/offensive thing you have read/seen/watched on the Internet?

Links would be awesome.

Click responsibly.


Jan. 15th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
It was a video from Bosnia. Rape, beheading, firing squads. Oh and torture. The bound one guy up and had him raped by a pig. When my bf realized I was in the room (he and a bunch of other guys were watching it at a party) he stopped the video and grabbed me and pulled me out of the room. I was so horrified I couldn't stop watching.

In an 'I'm amused' note: My dad called me when he'd first gotten a computer about 6 years ago. He apparently been sent a video, downloaded it and watched it. Like me, unable to look away. Was an Asian girl, in a bathtub, squirting her poo up into the air and catching it with her mouth. Audibly swallowing it with lots of enjoyment. He said he hadn't been able to eat for a week. And was still nauseas. My poor dad who's seen almost everything, couldn't handle that.