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I just remembered that tomorrow is Mother's Day. Guess who hasn't bought her mum a Mother's Day present yet?


Last year I made her a card à la elementary school, complete with bad drawings, although I can't draw anyway. This year I have no idea what I'm going to do, especially considering I've been working on other things since I've been here.

I have made progress with my room, though. Most of the stuff is in its place, and what isn't in its place isn't there because I never had a place for it in the first place. I did manage to fit all my math books on one shelf, though, after moving all my high school notes on a different shelf. That's a start.

I went to Grandmother's today to look for that chalkboard, but I couldn't find it. [frown] Ah well. I'll look for it tomorrow. I couldn't find the chalkboard paint either when I went out today, but I did find a way to make it. Looks like I'll be heading out again this week after I find that chalkboard.
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