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Camera in a bag strikes again!

I woke up this morning and decided that breakfast was a very good idea. Unfortunately, I got distracted by a great fluffy invasion. Per usual, I returned to my room, grabbed a bag for my camera, and went around campus, taking pictures, including some places I missed last time.

This was one of the first things I saw this morning as I walked out the back door toward the dining hall. That's the alumnae house in the background, for non-Agnes people.

Robert Frost seems to be enjoying the snow.

Outside the front of Inman, although I couldn't get all of it without sacrificing serious snow.

Some random bush outside Evans. I thought this was pretty.

A lonely bench on the quad. That's Inman in the background, I think.

The tables outside Alston.

Outside Evans, Katie makes a snowball!

I took this one of myself (I think) just because I could. I like the angle of the shot, though.

Katie took this one of me because I needed evidence of being covered by the snow before going in to eat breakfast, or brunch, as the case may be.
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