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Better is no longer a mood here. Hm.

So this week's LJ Idol entry is My Most Annoying Personality Trait. I have a huge list. So huge, in fact, that I'm having a hard time narrowing it down.

I need some help. So tell me, dear friends list. What do you think is my most annoying personality trait? Only I can see the results, and I won't hold it against you. (Really!) Chances are I feel the same way about me.

Poll #1128824 My Most Annoying Personality Trait

What do you think is my most annoying personality trait?

I can has special powers?

You can has special powers!
Special powers? MINE!
You no can has special powers!
The power is a lie.

Also, I do have special powers. Since I got the least votes without getting voted off or having immunity at LJ Idol, I can go one-on-one with a person of my choice. Now to choose that person... (cue evil laugh)

For any non-LJ people peeking in on this who want to play (or if you just don't want to be connected to your username), go to my Nohari window here. Yes, the choices are limited, but at least you can disguise your name. Or comment here if you want to expand. I'm not picky.
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