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LJ Idol Voting!


It's LJ Idol voting time! This time I'm in a one-on-one sudden death match with the randomly chosen sideshowbennie, and I'm not coming out so well. So if you enjoyed my entry on my most annoying personality trait, go make with the ticky. Everyone's in alphabetical order, so I'm toward the end.

You know what to do...


Feb. 5th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
Sorry this has taken so long to reply to
(I had a really long day and wanted to give a proper reply instead of a two-liner response like most of my comments have been today.)

First, I do something similar for my entries come LJ Idol voting time, but sometimes I'll wait until a day into the voting period if I post it at all. You know why I called you out--like I told you, it was random, and I had no idea about your being away for the weekend.

At its core though, LJ Idol is a game. Yes, there's a writing element, which is why I also joined, but in the end something needs to happen to keep the game from becoming "write, vote, x people leave, repeat". That gets boring after awhile.

As for playing the game--promoting the vote is definitely a part of the game. Getting your friends involved is, yes, also part of the game. When I saw how involved your friends were getting, and how many votes you had compared to my own, I knew I wouldn't have a chance without the support of my own friends. I received this, plus the support of some of their friends, and maybe a couple of their friends. I saw at least five posts on my friends list about the vote after I made mine, only one of which (someone not involved in LJ Idol) was prompted by me. Several other people I didn't know as well within the community did the same, which floored me completely. I couldn't believe the vote ticker as it went up.

Now, skewing the results? Our friends lists are similar in size--in fact, if you remove all the non-mutual friends, multiple and inactive journals, and non-LJ Idol writing journals, our friends lists are almost identical in size. I don't condone creating multiple journals just for voting (I saw a comment in one of the recent posts on this topic), so if anyone did create such a journal (to vote for anyone, not necessarily me), I don't know about it.

Because of all this, I don't think a small friends list alone would have killed either one of us. If the entire incident didn't kerfluffle, then the voting could have been what it was intended to be--your writings vs. mine instead of your writing vs. the masses.

In the end, I'm glad this is over. I do accept your apology, and I didn't mean anything malicious in calling you in particular out.
Feb. 5th, 2008 10:55 am (UTC)
Re: Sorry this has taken so long to reply to
When I learned that it was some manner of math (Ah Math. my arch nemesis rears it's ugly head again) and random calling out, I felt kind of bad about getting the ball rolling with the friends thing. But at that point, you can't unring a bell. I hate that it got so out of control and that, what seemed to be personal attacks from both our friend's lists went on. I was accused of letting my friends distort the game and call you names when I honestly had no clue any of that was happening because of being out of town. So I do hate all of that. I am glad you accept the apology and I honestly have no hard feelings toward you. Truth be known, I actually enjoy your writing.

In the long run, when you discount all the bitterness and acrimony from some corners, we sure did stir the pot this weekend and got a whole lot of people worked up and I really don't see anything wrong with that. hehehe.