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It's all Andrew's fault.

I was filling out the math theme house proposal, and clearly this wasn't a very productive endeavor. However, the idea for 'rules' came out of it.

0. No dividing by 0.

1. Don't commute with non abelian groups.

2. Never go against the flow of a directed graph.

3. If it's your first night at the house, you must show your limit.

4. Don't drink and derive, know your limits.

5. All irrational numbers must remain firmly within their sets.

6. Fractals are not permitted to grow indoors.

7. There will be no debate over the primailty of 1.

8. Know your boundaries, and don't cross them.

9. Obey the order of operations.

10. Leave all your fractions in reduced, mixed form.

11. Don't introduce normal ideas to the simple groups.

12. Don't feed the Lie Groups.

13. We reserve the right to choose one element out of each set in a collection.

P.S. I'll get around to reading the friends list eventually, really.
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