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Sushi is not amused.

I'm at work right now, and for the lack of peers desiring math tutelage, I'm working on my dynamical systems project. Awesome, right? I thought so. So here I am, playing with the bifurcation applet and playing with periodic points in the Maple file when I decide to start on part three: verifying that these periodic points for the parameters we're talking about all the time really do exist.

That would be a good thing to do.

So I set out to do that, coaxing Maple to solve polynomials that I can't solve by hand, and not because I'm dumb. (I can say that and mean it. Yay!) And then it happened. Maple gave me answers that weren't matching up to what I should be getting. I checked my code, cut and pasted straight from an email from Dr. Wiseman. All good. I checked my numbers. Now those definitely didn't make sense.

Back to the drawing board for me, it seems... especially to make pretty cobweb plots with Maple. I like making the chaotic ones.

Also, somehow I screwed up the entire last assignment for real analysis and still got a B. That must be curved somehow, especially since I can still do corrections on it.
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