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The package from the doctor's office

I stopped by the doctor's office this morning to pick up a package that had arrived for me there. After convincing Grandmother that I would be just fine getting the stuff by myself and that if she had stuff to keep her occupied in her car, then I would go in and pick up the package myself. She insisted, but I finally told her that I was an adult and that I had taken this route many times before (both true), and she stayed.

So I went in. Up the elevator, through the emergency room [it was a busy day; I didn't have time to observe the various ailments], and down another elevator. Not difficult in the slightest.

When I got to the ground floor, though, I noticed something new: a sign. To be more specific, two signs: one saying "Psychology" with an arrow pointing in one direction, and another saying "Pulmonary" with an arrow pointing in the opposite direction.

However, I was looking for neurology.

So I looked at the building guide next to the elevator. There it was: Neurology, Second Floor. I took another minute to look around the new arrangement and to wonder why I hadn't looked at the elevator chart before when a lady came up to me and asked, "Can I help you?"

I explained that the layout had changed since I was last there [December], and I was expecting the neurology office to be there; now I saw that it was on the second floor.

She explained that the hospital was doing renovation, and all the offices were being moved around--and yes, neurology was on the second floor.

Back to the elevator, and up to the second floor. As soon as I got off the elevator this time, I was greeted by EEG equipment. [That stuff isn't pretty. Let me tell you. For someone who has been hooked up to two of those things, I can assure you that it isn't pretty--it gets all this goop in your hair--although you do get to sleep through the process.]

I looked around before somebody I had never seen in my life recognized me. I told her that I was looking for neurology (although I guessed it was close by because of the EEG equipment). She led me to a door with a sign that said NEUROLOGY. That would explain a bit.

I went in the office and told the receptionist that Alyson had a package for me. The receptionist asked for my name. I told her. "Nuh-uh," she said jokingly, but she did get the package.

Then I got the parking ticket stamped, and it was down the elevator, through the emergency room again, and down the elevator again. "That was really fast," Grandmother said when I returned.

See? Not bad for someone who loses track of reality because her world is more interesting.

I also made a partial list of things I want to accomplish this summer.

1. Take a chunk out of my ever-growing reading list by, well, reading them.

2. Reread the Harry Potter books

3. Reread the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series

4. Reread my paper journals, starting with #1; this means you'll probably get to see some old entries from age 11 on.
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