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In which Sushi stars her recent activities in no particular order, for bullets are too materialistic

* I finished Dr. Nbook 65 and began Dr. Nbook 66. This one's called Believing in Me Again. I've updated the Dr. Nbook list and the 101 in 1001 list. Yeah, not much progress on the latter so far.

* Emily and I got a 104 on our first physics lab. That's right. A 104 from Dr. Benson of all people.

* jennieknits gave me a snowflake cookie and some mystery person gave me a typewriter! Go look at my profile.

* There was a lunar eclipse last night. Valentina and I met at the gym and walked up to the observatory together, where the Society of Physics Students (which I guess I'm marginally a member of, considering Arielle and Sarah badgered me into it) hosted an event of it. Some highlights of that included chatter about House--which I've never seen, chatting with Grace and Michelle and watching the eclipse from upstairs where the big telescope is, Russian Reversal jokes (in Soviet Russia, eclipse watches you!), spilling juice on the floor downstairs, and planning an escape from the building if we were trapped at the very top. I decided to strip down and use my clothes as a ladder. I doubt that'd work very well, but the mental image cracked us up. Oh, and there was a bright orange-red moon. Can't forget that.

* The daffodils are blooming. Yay.

* We didn't get the math theme house. Oh well. It was definitely a great idea, though.

* Stephanie turned 21 last Friday, which led to going out to dinner and my splitting the check and a near panic attack because one person didn't get a chance to put in their pay and cake back in the dorms and my reaffirmation that no, I do not like alcohol, why do you ask? Disgusting, the stuff is. I'm apparently very critical of my $4.99 wines. No, random asshole I didn't know before that night and who treated his Southern Comfort as if it really were, I'm very critical of what I expose to my taste buds. Would you eat something whose taste made you want to rinse your mouth out with soap just like your grandmother did? No? I didn't think so. It's all about the buzz, isn't it? That's more like it.

* Remember that really crazy polynomial (it was an x256 polynomial, if you're wondering) I was trying to get Maple to solve? Well, I ran Maple, and it crashed. After 26 hours. It was a beautiful crash, too. Not just freezing up Maple, but a real live error message saying that Maple couldn't perform further computations. It was fantastic, all things considered.

Now, for some other non-asterisked thoughts.

This is the first semester since sophomore year of high school that I haven't taken an actual French class. Sure, I'm in my Global Connections class, and while I enjoy it, the class is in English and the French literature stuff is in English. As much as French drove me crazy with its literature, I really miss it. I miss the hours of reading and looking up crazy words and deciphering the crazy grammatical structures. Occasionally I even miss the literary theory--just not psychoanalysis. :)

I didn't even really realize this until Dr. Riddle sent the usual email to the non-graduating math majors, minors, and those who might want to take more math, asking what classes in their majors and minors they were going to take next year. Clearly I don't have much left to take, given the number of classes I've already taken. That got me thinking. I need one more class for a French minor, which I was going to do anyway. After that, I need three more for a major. I could do that next year. Sure, I'd have to make a few sacrifices, like maybe not doing two special studies and an independent study in math like I had originally planned, especially since I still have one more distributional (fine arts) to take.

Still, it's possible. And I just might do it, even it means tons of reading and papers and other things that have become foreign concepts to I, Math Major. (Actually, I really do have to write two math papers this semester. Watching my just-math classmates freak out has been so much fun.)

Also, how could I forget about last weekend?

Scholars Weekend was last weekend, and I signed up to give a tour and pick up a prospective at the airport. As of last Friday, no one was going to be at the airport during my time. I gave Katie my phone number so she could call me and tell me if there were going to be any last-minute people. As of Saturday, no one. I decided to sleep in a bit on Sunday.

The phone jolted me out of bed on Sunday morning. Katie was at the other end, telling me that there was a prospective still at the airport from the last run still at the airport, and could I go get her? I was still in bed, munching on trail mix so I wouldn't feel completely burnt or dead when I crawled out of bed. "Well, I could go get something from Evans on the way out," I said hesitantly, thinking that I could just throw something on, even though I did look terrible. On the other hand, this was something I did every day before classes. "Thank you so much," Katie said.

And off I went to the airport, MARTA tickets in hand provided by admissions, and searched for the dinosaur. I found it and dialed the prospective's number, looking around. I saw a curly-haired blonde pick up her phone. She looked at me. That was her.

The train ride back was a lot of fun--we talked about life and school and how she had gotten lost in the airport and baggage claims. The people in admissions thanked me so many times when I got back, which I guess I expected a little bit, but not quite on that level. Then I showed up for my tour this morning for which no one showed up, and Katie was sitting at the front desk. She pulled out a bag that clearly came from the bookstore and handed it to me, along with a card. Although no one would have called it proper, I opened the bag first. Inside was an ASC tank top. I checked the size. Yup, it would fit, which Katie asked and I answered. I read the card as I waited for the scheduled prospective who didn't show up. I left after a few minutes.

Also, 1 March? How did you become so close?
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