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Today is Thursday. Tomorrow I'll be in three more classes, discussing limits, taking a physics midterm OF DOOM, and working on a modeling project before fighting the laundry room, running to the store to buy anything else I need like 3-ounce bottles of shampoo, and packing.

I'm packing tomorrow. When did that happen? I thought the day would never come. I thought I'd keep telling myself, "It'll get here. It'll get here." And now tomorrow really is tomorrow, where tomorrow really is the day after today. When did time decide to play these games on me?

This leads to a question--more of logistics than of love, really. The only time I've flown before was when I was sixteen--a group of us from my high school's FBLA chapter went to the national conference in Dallas. As we were in high school, the grownups took care of everything. Some of us had flown before; others hadn't. I, of course, hadn't, and this in itself was an exciting experience for me.

Saturday I'll be flying for only the second time, and this time I'll be doing it all alone. Now, I love navigating new places alone. I absolutely love it. But when some things just have to be done in a certain order to make sure you get to the right place at the right time, sometimes wandering doesn't do as much good as one would like, especially when you have to catch a connecting flight and you're already nervous about meeting someone for the first time and Google isn't helping much in that area and how on earth is it going to go?

No, seriously. I've Googled catching connecting flights, and very little has helped. So how does it work, anyway? I get the regular check in, security, boarding the plane process--that just takes navigating the airport a bit. I've done that, even if only with a group. But connecting flights are completely foreign. Do you have to claim your baggage again and recheck it in or go through security again or any of those fun things? How does it work? Impart your knowledge on me, O Friends List.
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