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And I'm off!

First, thank you for all the advice, encouragement, everything on the last post. I know I didn't get to interact and reply and all that fun stuff, but I do appreciate it, and my mind's at ease now.

The funny part? I wrote the entry, started talking to people in the math center, and went elsewhere on LJ before logging out a few minutes later. I saw the comments start to come in, and I said out loud, "I love the Internet."

"We know you do, Sujin," Mira said teasingly.

"Yeah, but this one's good," I said. And I told her about my flight conundrum and how I decided to ask Dr. LJ. Yup, I love the Internet. And the friends list.

My flight leaves at nine tomorrow morning, meaning I need to be on the way out by six. Since Internet access will be sporadic next week and I KNOW I won't feel like reading the entire friends list when I get back (I'll break it, more like), this is where you tell me about all the awesome stuff that's going on that I should definitely catch up on when I get back, whether in your journal, in the depths of Internet drama, or the latest meme.

Besides, I have two midterms when I get back. I need something to put them off.

(Speaking of midterms, I had my physics midterm today. Let's not talk about that one.)

So I'm off! See you next Sunday, Internet!

P.S. Remember my 101 in 1001 list? I actually get to cross something off. Going vegetarian for 7 consecutive days, of all of them: last Saturday through today. I can't believe I didn't mention that earlier. I'm tired, though, so I'll do the official crossing when I get back, when I'll get to mark off quite a few others. While we're on this topic, does this meeting count as a blind date? Hm...
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