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101 in 1001 Progress! (Or a major update of the 101 in 1001 variety)

An Andrew update is forthcoming, and it'll probably come in several parts because it'll be LONG. Thanks to him, this trip, and other things I did before leaving, I get to cross some things off the 101 in 1001 list and make notches on several others.

031. Visit ten new states (3/10). PROGRESS: Virginia (1 March 2008), New York (1-9 March 2008), Illinois (9 March 2008). Okay, so the last two were just through airports, but I'm counting them anyway.
035. Meet five online friends in person, plus Andrew (1/6) (well, duh)
042. Go on a blind date. COMPLETED 1 March 2008. I figure meeting your Internet lover counts.
057. Watch fifty movies I haven't seen before (4/50) The Movies List is here so I can keep track. (Yes, I finally watched Borat.)
082. Go vegetarian for seven consecutive days (7/7) COMPLETED 23-29 February 2008!
085. Get a massage regularly--at least twice a semester until I graduate, and three times a year after. IN PROGRESS (Something about having a lover makes this one less hard. I know I got more than two massages last week alone.)

So those are two things completed and several others started (or continued) because of this trip. There are others started earlier, but I update them regularly. On the whole? I'm not blazing through the list, but I'm not trailing behind either. We'll see.

Really, you'd think I would have gotten my days without Internet access in during this trip, but you're talking about two geeks in New York here. We have to check the weather every day to make sure it's safe to go out--oh, and Slashdot. Yes, we really did. I didn't check my email (meaning I got attacked by mail when I got back), but we did check Slashdot together almost every morning after checking the weather.

Real Andrew update coming. Really. Just wanted to get this out of the way.
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