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Brother Angst (old old entry)

I was reading through my paper journals today, and I found these little gems.

First, there's the foreword to Read and Die, Nbook #7:

This book is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, to be read by human eyes until I am dead, buried, and worms have consumed my flesh! Now if only you knew who this notebook belonged to...

And, being the twelve-year-old idiot I was, I had signed my name right under that.

I wrote this the summer before seventh grade, in Read and Die, Nbook #7. I was twelve years old at the time. All I can say is that someone has been in the house for a little too long. No names are changed, but for those who don't know, Jeffrey is my younger brother (should be clear) and Chelsie Roo is my dog (she died when I was fifteen).

19 July 1999
Jeffrey the Brat is so...bratty! Okay, I know you have heard all of this before, but it's true, really, it is! Today he kept begging me to play with him. Like I was really going to! Every time I play something that involves a winner and a loser he always cheats, just so he can win, I guess. I don't really know. I'm surprised he actually has friends at school. Maybe he doesn't act as bratty at school as he does at home. I mean, his idea of pleasure is simply annoying me and hearing me scream. So I came up with a simple solution. Just don't talk to him. Sooner or later he'll give up. (I hope, anyway.) But what if he doesn't? I mean, I still have six more years before I go to college. Can you imagine? It's a nightmare with one major difference. I'm living in a nightmare. Maybe life would be different if I was an only child. I'd have Mom and Dad and Grandmother and Chelsie Roo all to myself. Maybe I should change my last name so people won't even suspect that we're related. Fat chance.

A few days later...

22 July 1999
I know I have said this a million times already but it's the truth, really it is. Why can't I have a normal brother like everyone else. I mean, he bosses me around ALL THE TIME, he MUST have his way, he's always whining, he thinks he's all that, he's always crying if someone says something to him besides "You're the best." Oh, I could go on and on. But don't worry, I won't. Besides, why would I? He's just a whiney spoot-head, anyway.

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