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Get out of jail free!

First, I got a 74 on that physics midterm. OUCH.

Second, midterm grades are up.

Real Analysis: A-
Math Modeling: A
Dynamical Systems: A
Physics: C-

Um, ouch. Luckily I have my 'get out of jail free' card.

The pass/fail form. That's right. I just get Dr. Koch to sign the form and all I have to worry about is not failing, which I'm reasonably confident I can do.

The thing is that I find the physics really fascinating, but right now it's just the last straw. I'm taking math, math, math, and the main way I get away from the math while studying is through--guess what--physics! Of course, I'm taking the class purely for fun, and I want the experience to be fun. The experience is becoming more stressful than fun, especially with all the formulas that I can't just re-derive at a moment's notice and that I have to--gasp!--memorize (something I fail at miserably, which probably explains why I'm a mathematician), and sometimes it's all too much. So since I do have the option and physics is a pure elective for me, I'm doing it pass/fail now. That'll take some of the stress off, at least...until I'm around the rest of the class, most of whom are taking it for their major or for pre-med or something like that.

I still haven't read the friends list yet, and I'm not bothering to read the entire thing because it'll break. I've started to read individual journals, but with a modeling test to take tomorrow night, a real analysis test out this week due next Thursday, Achievement Weekend for Admissions this weekend, a TMBG concert this weekend (and JoCo and Paul and Storm next! YAY!), project proposals due for modeling and dynamical systems due next week, and aye aye aye. It might be awhile.

This also means that the uber-update on Andrew will also take awhile. I'm writing it in installments, and it's already ridiculously long even though I'm still on Saturday. It'll take several entries before my gushing is over. With that, have a list.

Things I returned to Atlanta with that didn't come to New York with me
1) a boyfriend (well, he didn't physically return)
2) flowers
3) a mouse
4) cookies
5) three kinds of chocolates
6) turkey joints
7) a love note

That should be a good reminder for me.

And now, to bed.
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