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If I could, then I would

Well, Pi Day is over, but I hope you've had a good one.

I took my modeling midterm last night, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

My last analysis assignment, however, was. Dr. Lewin gave mine back while I was in the math center and she stopped by. I had only a brief chance to peek at it before some Math 101 students came in for help with their newest assignment, which took up most of the time I was working. During this time Dr. Lewin slipped me a note, which I glanced at after they left. She'd be around after I got out of the math center, it said. For what?

Then I looked at the assignment. She didn't put a grade on top, but instead wrote that she wanted me to rethink it before she gave me a grade.

Well, that was encouraging.

So after work I went up to her office, and we talked the assignment. I swear, my paper must bleed green; there's no way it could have done that on its own. In the end she said that I could turn in the actual assignment tomorrow before opening my midterm envelope. Whew.

I worked at that all day today between classes and afterward Friday, and finally turned that in around four. I got it back around six and didn't bomb it too badly. Whew. Unfortunately, I still messed up some stuff I'll likely need for the midterm. Zut.

I should probably open that envelope tomorrow morning.
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