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The windows. They slay.

Dude. JoCo and Paul and Storm were AMAZING. This time I have autographs. And satisfaction that I helped set the record for most panties thrown during a single Paul and Storm set (eleven, by the way). And a picture of Paul and Storm with the Panty Brigade. And a fromage shirt.

Also, Paul and Storm and JoCo and random assorted people from the last show recognized me. It was surreal. Apparently I look like quite a few other people JoCo has seen at shows. Okay, so I DID consider flying to London for that show, but that would have been a really dumb idea, money not even being the first one. I told him that we've actually met just once before, but you never know. I could have some lookalikes with code monkeys around--or minions.

With that, I have a lot to update about. Have a list.

* Andrew
* They Might Be Giants concert
* JoCo and Paul and Storm
* Email vs. Blogs vs. Facebook
* ???
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