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Excuse the rambling, for I am full of it. Rambling, I mean.

Ms. Schwarzlose is retiring.


No word on who the next MLC coordinator will be yet. And I just realized that my math center tag was still 'lsc'. I should change that at some point.

Oh, how's that list going?

* analysis quiz (take today) (I'm studying for it now, but I need a break for foods)
* analysis homework (due Wednesday)
* dynamics project (due Tuesday) Significantly started
* research housing lotteries
* research Mandelbrot/Julia sets
* sign tax forms and get them ready to mail
* study for physics quiz (Well, as much as I can stomach today)
* write 410/490 proposals (ASAP)
* email residence life about housing statistics
* finish physics lab
* laundry
* shower

Also, I'm thinking about taking intro to fiction next fall for my fine arts distributional since I realized it's Monday/Wednesday and I don't have anything Monday/Wednesday yet. No, seriously. I register tomorrow, and here's my schedule without that:

French 241: Early French Lit, Tuesday/Thursday 11:00am-12:15pm
Math 480: Mathematics Senior Seminar, Thursday 3:30-4:45pm
Math 410: Special Study (More algebra!), meeting times TBD
Math 490: Independent Study (Even more algebra!), meeting times TBD

Or I could take nonfiction, as I want to take that too, even though it's in the spring. (I wanted to take acting in the spring to go along with Script Frenzy, but complex--the only math class I have left here...da da dum--interferes.) And I register tomorrow, so I might want to decide at some point. Ah well, I have time.

I still need to finish the forms for those last two. That's right, Sushi, get on it and stop slacking.

Speaking of slacking, I just discovered the wonders of about:config in Firefox, and that Firefox 3 will have the best feature ever--the ability to save your session upon exiting Firefox! YES!

Okay, food time.
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