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And the whole fiasco just gets better. I need some popcorn.

My building just received this email:

Dear Inman Students,

Because of the response certain residents have had about the "general information" stated I would like to clarify what I mean.
The information that I need, as well as ITS, is:

Operating System
Does the computer have Wireless
How old

We know most students do not know what an OS is or other pieces of information that we may have needed so, therefore, I did not include it and only passified you with the words "general information". I'm truly sorry for not explaining completely to you so that you didn't have to feel like you needed to defend your privacy and property. There is no investigation into your software or programs. Matter of fact, I won't even need to look at the computer if you already know the information. You could just email me this if you are sure you know what that information is. Please do not become alarmed because we want to know this information. We would just like to know certain bits of information that can be gathered from knowing the inventory on campus. (For example, knowing what kind of OS is perferable amongst students.) Thank you for your time and those of you who were not worried at all and took the email at facevalue I am sorry to flood your inbox with emails. I hope you all have a good day.

You know, if you don't treat us like we're ignorant, maybe we can Google 'operating system' and figure out what the damn thing is. Honestly, with a CS person for a boyfriend, I hear enough about operating systems to make my head go asplode, and I love every minute of it. I can still tell you what I'm running on, though.

*makes mini-poll to do over next few days*

I still say SurveyMonkey would be easier.
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