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This is why I love the Infinity Club.

Melissa was writing the email announcing Infinity Club elections, and as she was writing the description of officer responsibilities, she asked me what exactly the vice-president did.

"Everything you don't wnat to do," I replied.

Today we received the ballot. Behold the officer descriptions:

1. President -- the one who oversees, and makes sure everything runs smoothly. She must bake cookies for every event and keep ties with other local math clubs.

2. Vice President -- in charge of doing what the president doesn't want to do, helping to plan, and supervising the cracker eating contest.

3. Secretary -- in charge of helping to plan and making flyers

4. Treasurer -- in charge of keeping up with money matters.

The cracker-eating contest, you ask? Apparently you don't know about the Saltine cracker challenge. I didn't either until I came into the math center a few weeks ago and saw several packs of saltine crackers on a table, along with a note on the whiteboard: "What? No math friends and no crackers? Booooo." Then Melissa and Mira told me the legend of people all over the world attempting to break the world record of most saltine crackers eaten in sixty seconds. I haven't gotten a hold of the official record according to Guinness (if it exists), but I've found Youtube videos of people eating ten in one minute, along with friends cheering them on. I haven't tried it myself, as I don't even like saltine crackers, but we're definitely having one of those next year.

Also, apparently I'm the only person running for Infinity Club president. There's a write-in option along with abstain. I want to write in River Tam so badly just because.

In other news? I did my entire analysis assignment in less than an hour today, which is a far cry from the hours it normally takes. After Dr. Lewin knocked me over the head with a clue-by-four gave me a very simple hint with one problem, the rest of the assignment fell into place.

I've also been following Lexicongate, the trial of Steve Vander Ark and his publisher versus JK Rowling and her army of lawyers. Apparently the trial ended after today, but a decision still hasn't been made yet from what I can tell, despite not using the pie of pwnage. The F5 key on this computer is rubbing off.

And I should actually go back and work on the script now. That'd be a good thing to do. Yes.
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