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Two things before going to sleep

First: I met spydielives today! (You will probably never see picture of me in glasses again, so seize this and one other opportunity floating around the Internet.)


Dear Sujin: I have reviewed and approved your applications for a 4 credit hour fall semester 2008 MAT 410 under the direction of Professor Koch and for a MAT 490 worth 4 credits for both fall 2008 and spring 2009 semesters with the final research paper for this independent study due at the end of the spring 2009 semester. Please note that the Registrar will not be able to add the fall semester courses to your record as you are already registered for a full load for fall. Please email Ms. Albert indicating which course you intend to drop so she can add the 410 and 490 to your fall schedule.


Also, I have shirts and fabric paint. Yay again.
Tags: 101in1001, 101in1001 entries, agnesspring2008, asc, friends
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