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Amazon.com Weirdness

This appeared in my inbox this morning from Amazon.com:

This is where we all say, 'Huh?'

The red blob on the cover says "things your friends would tell you if you promised not to get mad". Now for what really makes this funny: Quirkyalone (which I highly recommend, by the way) isn't one of those "oh no, he doesn't like me, what do I do?" books. It's one of those "Look, being single isn't the end of the world" books. It's not anti-relationships; it's anti-dull relationships. There's a difference.

Which is why I find it extremely amusing that I would receive this e-mail.

P.S. Dear lovely people in the registrar's office,
Not to be mean or anything, but I'd really like to know my FYS grade. I'd e-mail my professor, but it isn't really her fault.
Less and less love by the minute, Sujin