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“Well ok, this is it that last post before getting on a jet plane flying away to that great land of Paris that I was looking forward to since about 14 or so but yes this is it. I am calling myself, I am my bring my computer on the the trip which means I ___ have to chill out the euros and going the internet cafe two whole weeks without internet, you heard that correctly ___ yeah the whole two weeks without internet it way too hard core for me so I don't know how Susan's gonna do it yeah I'm fine and I did think ___ wants to talk because we're gonna get some interviews with other people going on the trip. Hey you wanna say anything? Ok keep over shy that's ok. You like technology Dr Lyn, ok. That's ok, so this is farewell. I'm probably not gonna have time to read everything when I get back. So when I do return I will probably asked for like spam and so it goes, goodbye LJ. You'll read this for the next two weeks. This is me signing off.”

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Tags: 101in1001 entries, france, guest post, voice posts
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