Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

So, an update.

I'm not quite around to writing the What I Did While I Was In France update (or updates). I haven't finished writing it up in Dr. Nbook yet, and you'd think that five pages of an old Dr. Nbook would motivate me to get going on that.

However, I have been uploading pictures (all one thousand or so of them, although this number could decrease as I remove the repeats and overly blurry pictures) on Flickr. It's completely new to me, even though I signed up for an account months ago (and a few of you found me before I ever bothered to uploading stuff--twirlandswirl, I'm looking at you). You can find my France photos at this address at Flickr.

Note that I'm still adding stuff, and everything's organized by day. This is going to take awhile.

So I started to wonder...who else is on Flickr? Here, have another poll.

Poll #1196554 Flickr!

Why yes, Sushi, I'm on Flickr, and you can find me at...

For now, though, have one of my favorite photos from the first day in France. (Click to see it bigger.)

Shakespeare and Co Antiquarian Books
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