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Spelling bee time!

I'm watching the National Spelling Bee finals right now, and I'm having a good time with it. They're down to about five or six at the moment, and I'm spelling the words myself as the actual spellers battle it out in their heads. I was getting about three-fourths of the words right, but they just broke out the champion list. If two or more people are standing after the twenty-five words, co-champions can be declared.

With the champion list? Wow. If I had gone to the national bee, I would have been gone long before that list. I can barely get them now. I remember Mum and Grandmother trying to help me study for the spelling bees in years past, and of course the book you get to study from has a ton of words at the end that almost no one can pronounce, but we'd try anyway. (And of course, words like those never showed up in regional bees, but hey. It was good practice. Now, of course, I have to think to figure out where the r's and s's go in 'embarrassing'. It's just like how I'll be graduating with a math degree next year but can't do simple mental math.)

The best etymology bit: "Greek part, plus a probably Greek part, plus a Greek part"

Also, I'm working on a small plot bunny that has been biting me since April. It's about time it got written down.

Aaaand it's over. I got two of the words on the champion list, both French. This fact should surprise no one. The winning word was a French/German mix (guerdon) that I would have gotten (should have gotten, really) if I didn't mix up the etymologies.

I should post this.
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