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Free Rice: The beginning of the studying

I've begun to use Free Rice to improve my vocabulary (whoohoo!) and make studying for the verbal part of the GRE fun. I'll keep track of my stats here to see if/how I improve as the summer goes on. Note that each word you get right now donates 20 grains of rice, as opposed to the ten it was last time I visited, which was admittedly a very long time ago.

I'm also keeping a text file of words I get wrong with their one-word definitions and words I take a wild guess on but get right. These meanings will be expanded, in some cases including the etymologies (which is what I find to be most useful, to be honest--maybe I should have been a linguistics major :P).

Session 1 Statistics:
Donation per correct word: 20 grains (just in case this changes)
Ending level: 36
Best level: 41
Donation: 2000 grains of rice

Total Statistics:
Donation per correct word: 20 grains
Best Level: 41
Total Donation: 2000 grains

This will be fun to keep track of. How many people will my study habits feed? We can calculate that after test day. I have to keep everything fun somehow.

P.S. Want to help the world in other fun ways? Check out Free Flour and Free Poverty. For the former, you answer questions about the world to donate flour. The questions start easy and get harder. For the latter, you're given a place in the world, and you have to place it on a map. The closer you are to the actual location, the more water you donate. If you're completely wrong (for example, if you put Paris in China), then no water gets donated. I haven't tried either of these in great detail, but both look educational and helpful.
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