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The shock is the worst

15 June 2008: Ringgold Teen Drowns At Chickamauga Dam

He had just graduated from high school, too, and he worked at the store with Mum. He'd come over when we had a problem with the lawn mower, and most of the time he could figure out exactly what was wrong. I think he had a crush on me for awhile too, but that's another story.

The text is behind the cut for the link-phobes and for the temporary nature of news articles. None of the material below the cut is my own.

Ringgold Teen Drowns At Chickamauga Dam
posted June 15, 2008

A teenager from Ringgold, Ga., drowned at Chickamauga Lake near the dam on Sunday afternoon.

Police said late Sunday afternoon that rescue crews had located the body of the youth who drowned at the swimming area above Chickamauga Dam.

The victim was 18-year-old Leroy Stacey, who was swimming with friends just before 5 p.m. when the accident occurred.

Witnesses told police that he swam to a nearby bouy and was swimming back when he went under and did not resurface.

Rescue crews and divers responded to the scene and located the victim near the area where he disappeared. He was transported to Memorial Northpark Hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

It is unknown what caused him to go under. Major crimes detectives will follow up on the accident.

(Wow, I haven't written an entry with an lj-cut for awhile. Of course, none of my recent entries have been long enough or image-esque enough to warrant such.)
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