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Week One

I guess I better write about my first week. I still haven't even done this in Dr. Nbook yet, yet my wrists are still sore for some reason. At least I remembered to bring my wrist braces with me, which I will definitely need come November.

Here's my schedule. I like it, even though my math class is so early on Monday morning, and I have nothing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You know me; I can get lazy and sidetracked.

* Math 204 - Art of Mathematical Thinking - MWF 8:45-9:50
* Philosophy 111 - Intro to Philosophy - MWF 1:00-1:50
* Anthropology 202 - Human Origins - MW 2:30-3:45
* English 211 - Brit/American Lit to 1700 - MWF 11:00-11:50 (but I'm dropping this class for French if I get in)


Now to registration. We talked about what we wanted to take (or in some cases, what we needed to take) with our advisors. I had been tracking French 202 all through Monday (while the upperclassladies were registering), and by the end of that day, the class had closed. I ran to Dr. Ojo's office. Luckily, he was there, and we talked over alternates. There was a problem.

My alternates were doomed to close, too.

Yes, it's true. I started to track my alternates, especially the really popular ones. I wasn't worried about math (we have only seven people in the class!) or about philosophy. Anthropology and art history (yes, I had that one down) were the problem. I got into anthropology, as you noticed. However, tracking classes through Ascagnes is difficult at best while you're in line waiting to register. Then the alternates started to fill, too. So I ran to Dr. Ojo that morning once again so he could sign the paper and help me choose more alternates (after all, that's why advisors are there!).


I love my math class. (Do you remember calling your math classes by their real names, like "algebra" or "geometry" or "calculus"? Well, calling my math class by its name would be kind of, well, weird, so I'm back to calling it "math". Just like middle school. Life is coming back full circle a bit early.) Love love love, even though the readings are confusing at times.

Philosophy is also fun. A lot of people dropped after Dr. Parry said that we would have to pretend to be interested in philosophical questions for a semester. On the first day of class, he told us that he wanted the desks to be in a circle so it would be easier to talk to each other. All of us who arrived early on Friday started to arrange all the seats into a circle (or as close to circle format as the room would permit). It was a good circle, too. Then he came in.

"We're moving into G12," he told us. We sighed.

But G12 has tables--and comfortable rolling chairs. We moved the tables into a square and all of us--even him--sat down and talked about the trial of Socrates. That reminds me; I need to finish reading that for Wednesday.

Anthropology is still as yet an unknown figure since the professor just told us about the course, gave us our readings for Wednesday, and dismissed us. The readings are interesting. I'll probably write one of my response papers on this one.

I've been to only one day of lit, but it was fairly interesting so far. We're reading Beowulf right now, but I'm holding out until the add period to do anything drastic (i.e. unwrap the shrink wrap on my books because there weren't any used). I must really be holding out hope at this point.


I also mastered the Marta system today. Well, mastered is an exaggeration, but I managed to ride it without getting lost. Shea, Caitlin, and I decided to go shopping today at Lenox, so we took Marta instead of Shea's car. Since I had spent so much time last night mapping out routes and figuring out directions, they left the navigation to me. We went to Lenox and back with no major disasters. Well, except in the mall, but that was just trying to find our way out of the mall. There are stores that don't even exist back at home. It's insane.

I did manage to find a dress for Black Cat. (I'm not even bothering to explain Black Cat, except that there's a formal. And I have a month to find a date. [scribbles note down] That's kind of funny considering I never went to prom.) Now for the dress. It's plain and green and long, and it'll make me feel like a Slytherin. I did find a midnight blue one (go Ravenclaw!) I like (with a train in the back!), but it was strapless, and I can't hold those up very well.


To Do:
1. Laundry! My hamper is about to overflow, and some clean clothes would be really nice...
2. Stop by accounting office to talk to them about work-study job
3. Read articles for anthropology
4. Finish reading for philosophy
5. Finish math homework
6. Rewrite what I did for math department's problem of the week(s) (It's right; I double-checked it; I just need to make my answer a little more coherent so they can understand it.)
7. Sleep would be nice, too.
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