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The Cricket Chorus

Let me tell you about the crickets.

It all started when I returned from the leadership retreat. My alarm was set for nine Wednesday morning, just to get back in the groove of getting up early before the semester begins. (Not that I have to, considering I have nothing before eleven.) But around six thirty, I started hearing chirping noises. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

What is that? I asked myself. I tried to push the bug option out of my mind as long as possible. After all, I had left my speakers on. Maybe my music was still on. Or maybe I'm just hearing things. I finally exhausted those possibilities and got out of bed, tiptoeing around my room until the noise got louder: at the wall next to my desk. Great. Maybe there really was something living in those walls.

I showered, dressed, and wondered how one got in the basement of my building when I discovered that the elevator had no basement button and ran into Ms. Della on the way out the door. I asked her about the basement. She told me that there was a hole in the back of the building that you had to crawl through in order to get in there, and besides, students shouldn't go in there anyway--that's where all the water damage was.

Okay, fine. But I think there's something alive in my room. This perked her up. I led her to my room, and when I opened the door, she heard it. We tiptoed across the room. Silence. It had heard us. We tiptoed again. Cricket. Della asked if it could be coming from upstairs. I bent over. "No, it's definitely coming from down here," I replied, indicating where I had heard the noise that morning.

She paged facilities (I got to hold the button!), and in the end she said someone would bring some bug spray by. Okay, fine. I went on with my life, running around campus and taking care of business and rescuing the glass flower Andrew had made for me at the museum of glass from the post office (it's so beautiful, by the way). I returned to my room to find a can at the door. A can of wax stripper. Yes, that is really going to help me kill crickets, thank you very much!

During the day and that night and the next morning, the cricket had acquired a friend, and I was all set to just buy my own bug spray on my trip to CVS when I went to buy some laundry detergent, as mine decided to just not show up at Agnes. Neither did the pomegranate tea, for that matter. I told Ms. Della this, and she said that someone would bring me bug spray. I went to CVS and bought just laundry detergent. Sure enough, a can of bug spray was outside my room door when I returned. I sprayed it all over the wall-floor meeting area where I was hearing the crickets. Success, I thought.

Until I saw a cricket skittering across the floor that afternoon. And until the crickets got louder that night. That's when I thought, Those crickets have to be coming from somewhere. So the next morning I went outside with my bug spray to investigate. Sure enough, outside my room, just where I was hearing the crickets, there was a vent of some sort. There was also a cricket crawling away from it. I sprayed the entire area like crazy.

I haven't heard from them since.

Oh, and the laundry detergent? Was under my bed. It was chilling with the pomegranate tea. Who knew? Meanwhile, anyone need some ERA?
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