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My roommate's dad just used my computer. Let me tell you, there is nothing like trying to access Orbitz and finding, among other things, Paul and Storm, the FF7 house of craziness, Craigslist, and Slashdot, among others. Why, I embrace my oh-so-crazy Internet selections! Lucky for me he wasn't very Internet savvy. I had to enable NoScript for the site he was accessing and tell him which key was which, as my A, S, D, L, C, V, N, M, E, and R keys have almost completely worn off. Andrew would say that it's from typing his name so much. I say it's from owning this keyboard for over three years. :P

Yes, this was consensual, as my roommate's computer wasn't working yet. But still, this is the same set of parents who remarked that I spent an awful lot of time on my computer. Even I have my limits.

Also, poisonedwriter reminded me after dinner tonight that I hadn't posted pictures from my Andrew vacation. They're at my Flickr page, complete with the unveiling of the mystery love. Enjoy.
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