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Ten years

Over the last ten years I have:

* had my first crush
* experienced the death of a grandparent
* discovered the Internet
* gotten my first kiss
* started high school
* made new best friends
* done something I regretted
* written a novel (and another, and another...)
* traveled to a national competition
* met family from Korea
* given up on religion
* found several somethings I really love
* graduated from high school
* given a speech in front of around 1000 people
* gone to college
* lived with people besides my parents
* discovered that there are people like me out there
* done math research
* been a first impression for people visiting the country
* fallen in love
* traveled alone to a new place
* gone to France
* realized how short life really is
* kept a paper journal chronicling these events

That's right. Today is my ten-year Dr.Nbookversary, in which we celebrate ten years of having a Dr. Nbook in my life. Dr. Nbook has seen me through the ups, downs, highs, lows, lefts, rights, truths, beauties, and everything in between over the past ten years, a period that covers roughly from the beginning of middle school to now, the last year of college. When you stop and think about it, that's a really long time. Almost half my life has been collected in these tomes. Actually, the half-life anniversary is coming up in the not-so-far future. I'll have to figure out the exact date for that.

So what do ten years of Dr. Nbooks look like? Wonder no more!

This is the list of all my Dr. Nbooks in order by title and dates. The link to this entry is on my sidebar, if you want to keep track of my Dr. Nbooks; however, I usually mention this list when I finish a Dr. Nbook anyway. This is a picture of the first 59 Dr. Nbooks, taken in January 2007. I was just figuring out the resizing of the GIMP at the time, hence the crappy quality. I wish I had a more current version, but alas, I do not. I'll have to fix that sometime, complete with better image quality and at least 11 more Dr. Nbooks.

On another note, Dr. Nbook, Google, and shay_writes all share a birthday. Happy birthday to one and all!
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