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Post-bloodgiving observations

Giving blood went well. I didn't pass out, despite my thinking that I would. After all, I'm the type to faint at the most random times, which leads to some interesting stories. I actually felt really good afterward, but maybe that was because of the two seconds of sleep I got during the bloodtaking process. Oh, and the Nutter Butters I got afterwards. Mm, Nutter Butters.

The end of my right ring finger still hurts from where they pricked it to check my iron. I knew all those cheeseburgers would come in handy. However, the annoyance of my finger is not handy when I'm trying to write on the symbolism of the bramblebush in a short story for early French lit. Those sentences won't end themselves.

Back to that short essay. You won't sway me, finger.
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