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Jonathan Clay at ASC

Jonathan Clay did a concert in the Hub tonight. This event had been pimped out almost all summer through Facebook and emails and who-knows-what-else, and I found myself wondering who on earth this guy was when I saw an invitation to a Facebook group declaring excitement over Jonathan Clay's coming to campus on 12 September in my inbox. Since I don't normally join groups advertising a one-time gig, I ignored the invitation.

Then the emails came. "Come see Jonathan Clay!" "Jonathan Clay in the Hub TONIGHT!" Finally after booking myself solid the entire day, I decided, why not? So I went down to the Hub at 7:55, not expecting much but figuring it would certainly be a different kind of entertainment than curling up with my computer and getting to know LiveJournal and Youtube very well.

The Hub was packed when I arrived. A stage was set up at the front of the Hub, Oreos, Sprite, ginger ale, and water were on a table outside the Hub, and chairs were set up around tables in groups in the Hub. Someone had arranged couches and beanbags around the empty stage, I noticed, as I scanned the room for familiar and friendly faces. Finally I saw Cicy and sat in the empty seat next to her. Eventually Sarah joined us, and bluefate sat in one of the chairs next to us that had been set up next to us.

By the time Jonathan himself got on the stage (or as much of a stage as you can call the thing, as it was only a few inches off the ground), the Hub was oozing with people. There were people sitting on the stairs and on the first floor looking down. Madness.

The show did go on! Jonathan played several covers, like "Hey Joe", "Hallelujah", and "The Joker", along with original songs. Since I am epic fail at describing genres, I present to you the best resource for sampling a new artist: Youtube.

This One's For Me (the video)

Back to Good (just him playing)

Get You Out

Hallelujah (because everyone needs a good "Hallelujah" cover)

At one point the guitar stand fell, and Jonathan tried to make it stand up again with his foot. This didn't work too well. Someone sitting in the front ran up and made the guitar stand do its standing duty again. Jonathan sang a couple of lines of thank you to the tune. It was great.

Before "The Joker", the last song, Jonathan said that he always wanted to sing it in Georgia, and now he was in Georgia, so he could. "This song is about peaches," he said. Those of you who are familiar with the song know exactly where the peaches come in; for those who don't, let's just say that I listened to this song when I was a very young child and never understood it until I was much older.

Afterward came the line for CDs, autographs, pictures, and the like. When I saw Jonathan talking on the phone to someone with someone from Agnes, that gave me an idea. Why not see if he'd make a voice post with me? He seemed approachable enough.

So I reached the front of the line, bought the CDs, and told Jonathan how to spell my name so he wouldn't misspell my name in black Sharpie. When I asked, he said sure, if I could wait around for a few minutes for the rest of line to finish up. The line wasn't ridiculous, so I had time to wait. Finally he approached me, I fired up the voice posting, and we recorded this post.

All in all, it was a good show. I have autographs and a voice post. Not too many people can say that.
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