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Black Cat ahoy ahoy!

This week is Black Cat week. For the non-Agnes folk, Black Cat week is a week of madness involving, among other things, trashing the quad and Alston, party days in the dining hall by each class, trivia, a bonfire around a trash can, junior production, and a formal, among other things.

Last night was decorations night for the quad and Alston. I have pictures of the quad, which will go up when I get pictures of each floor of Alston so I can upload all of them at once.

I wore a bright yellow blanket that I had improvised into a sweet ass-cape. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. And yet one of the co-presidents of my class asked me why I wasn't wearing a yellow shirt. (I was wearing the brown 2003 NaNoWriMo shirt that I had worn that day.) Hello, yellow cape is yellow. Said yellow cape also became part of decorations toward the end. Agnes people, see if you can find it.

Also, my absentee ballot came in today. They spelled my first name wrong. That's right, apparently I am now Sutin with a T. There's a registration number (well, I assume it is, anyway), so I'll call about it tomorrow or Wednesday, especially since I have to sign the thing.
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