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My heart weeps.

This showed up in my inbox at some point during the day:

Did you really enjoy Black Cat?

Want to remember it even more with a shirt?!

Come to Evan's on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's between 12 and 2 to purchase your Black Cat shirt! Price is still $15 and make your checks out to Programming Board. We'll be there until Friday Oct. 17th.

Evan? I know an Evan who graduated from ASC last year. Should I find her new place of residence and annoy her until she gives me a shirt? And the world is very out of balance with those misplaced apostrophes.

Outside of grammar, I finished all my French reading today for once instead of putting all of it off to the last minute. This is good. I also went to the depression screening at lunch just to enter the raffle for a massage. The result was very mild (relatively speaking, of course) and that I have a lot of guilt. Good to know.
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