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Today after bringing in the trash bin, I stayed outside for a bit. I thought I saw a four-leaf clover, so I stayed to look for it. Alas, it wasn't there. Thinking my gift for finding these elusive four-leaf clovers would kick in, I stayed there and attempted to find it.

Apparently it wasn't there in the first place, at least not in that batch. So I kept looking. I wandered over to another batch of clover and continued to look for that four-leaf clover. A few minutes later, Wendy [the next-door neighbour] walked outside and said hello to me. I said hello back. Around this time Mum stuck her head out the window and asked me what I was doing.

"I'm hunting for a four-leaf clover," I told her impertinently. "I thought I saw one."

"Oh, I thought you were talking to yourself or something," she said. I then explained that Wendy had just said hello to me, and I had just said hello in return. I returned to my clover-hunting as if nothing had happened. Adults are no fun.

I do talk to myself. It was practically how I entertained myself when I was a little kid. Sure, I played with dolls and with friends, just like most kids. However, when I didn't have any props (not that I'm implying that my friends are props or anything), most of my playtime involved elaboration on the world around me. I would create people as they appeared in my mind, and move these seemingly invisible people through their ever-elaborate worlds. For those of you who can't see it, it's actually my Thought of the Moment:

When I was younger, I would play pretend games. My imaginary friends were as real as I was, and I would direct them in their quests for identity. I guess I'm still like that now, only with life.

I'm sure you wanted to know that.

Now the adults are trying to take the fun out of my life, while I'm trying to cling to it. I'm sure that at some point in their past, the adults in their lives were trying to eliminate fun as well. Sigh. However, I'm determined to keep mine, even in the little things.
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